If you live near Gainesville, Alachua, High Springs, Newberry, Williston, Archer, Micanopy in Florida then you are close enough to train with us! 

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Building Strong, Healthy, and Confident People

We Challenge l We Teach l We Inspire


Martial Arts

After School

Summer Camp

Birthday Parties

These Amazing Gainesville Kids Martial Arts classes are fun, exciting while packing fitness and self-defense into every session.
An enriching, fun after school program that provides transportation! We bring them to an afternoon full of martial arts, fun, games, exercise...

The action-packed camp for kids that lets them let loose and have a great time...and  the best part? Field trips to awesome local adventures are included!

One and a half hours of fun. We do the heavy lifting so that you can really enjoy celebrating your child’s birthday party

Experience The Life Changing Benefits

If you're in Gainesville or the surrounding area be sure to check us out. 
StarMA is where children improve their focus and self-discipline. We are the place for those who want to give their child a leg up in an ever challenging world. And, we are the place for those adults who need a positive outlet for daily stress. We are the place where children and adults want to be because we have fun.
Discover these benefits for yourself and grab one of our no-risk trials today.

#1 We Create Strong Confident LEADERS!

Parents LOVE how the confidence in their kids soars as they train in martial arts at StarMA.

In addition to being fun, martial arts helps them to overcome challenges, learn new skills, and discover that they are more capable that they ever thought possible!

Once your child realizes that they can overcome any challenge and achieve any goal...there's nothing they won't feel confident in doing

Ultimately, this leads to fulfillment throughout their life.

#2 We Help You Build Laser Like Focus

When your child is in class, their only competition is themselves. As they train, the learn to channel powerful focus as they CRUSH their different martial arts moves.

And the best part? This incredible ability to focus will transfer over into their everyday life--both at school and at home!

Studies have shown that just 30 minutes of physical fitness improves focus, heightens problem solving ability, and even boosts memory in both kids and adults.

#3 We Get You Fit From Head to Toe

Every class, your child is going to leave sweating, smiling, and learning. They will hardly notice how much exercise they're doing because they're so focused on practicing the moves and getting better at the technique. Soon, the class is over and not only did your child learn and have a great time, but they had a great workout too!

Being physically fit also increases energy, attention span and improves your self-esteem.

#4 You'll Feel Like You Belong Here The Moment You Walk In

Many kids that train in the martial arts say that other sports and activities just weren't their "thing." They just never felt at home in organized sports before or social clubs like scouts weren't for them.

But those same kids that tell us how they felt like "outsiders" come alive in class! Our SAFE, non-judging, bully-free studio is a place where we all want each other to be out best!

Our students and instructors are all about support and mentorship. Kids easily make new friends and because of that our community shines!

#5 You'll Have So Much Fun

Working out and having fun? Yup! Our classes are a blast! Tang Soo Do is a way of life for us and we want you to have a prosperous life too. We work hard, but we play hard too.

Did you know that the average adult laughs only about 20 times per day? Our classes strive to make you a high achiever in every way - including your mental well-being.

Laughing and smiling are part of every class here, as are high fives and TONS of support.

Find Inspiration. Discover Challenge. Try StarMA.